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1994: Factory was set up by President Mr. Hou.

1996: The first hanging type dish dryer was innovated in

1996: Taiwan. 

1999: Gas stove was added to production lines.

2000: JTL Taiwan was ISO9001 certified.

2002: Range hood was added in production lines.

2003: Water heater was added to production lines.

2005: Built-in type dish dryer added to production lines. 

2007: JTL was ranked by TGAS as the top 4th national

2007: brand in kitchen appliances.

2010: Obtained “MIT smile mark quality certification” with

2010: all series of kitchen appliances.

2015: JTL signed distribution partnership with German

2015: Vaillant to sell Vaillant instantaneous gas water 

2015: heater and condensing wall hung boiler in Taiwan. 

2016: The establishment of the Vietnam branch

2019: The establishment of the KA Alliance

JOY TO LIFE!Create a happy family life with JTL.
With more than 20 years of experience in servicing Taiwan consumers.
We provide safe,efficient,and exquisite kitchen appliances that satisfied your needs enjoy an advanced life style. JOY TO LIFE! Create a happy family life with JTL.
With more than 20 years of experience in servicing Taiwan consumers, JTL is an expert in offering smart and functional kitchen appliances that suits Asian cooking.
JTL cares for safety and quality. We provide safe, efficient, and exquisite kitchen appliances that satisfied your needs to enjoy an advanced life style.
Taiwan JTL was ISO 9001 certified and have achieved MIT smile mark quality certification and Good Design award nationally.
Currently JTL is still ranked number one popular brand of dish dryer nationally as well as being a popular brand of kitchen appliances including dish dryer, gas stove, induction hob, range hood, instantaneous gas water heater, and water purifier.
We devote to long term R&D in kitchen appliances and have always adhered to its commitment to ensure high-quality manufacturing process. With more than 20 years of strong manufacturing foundation and design carefully by attending to details and users experience, JTL integrates modern aesthetics into its advanced built-in appliances including rice cooker cabinet, water dispenser and drawer dish warming cabinet combination that creates a neat and charm kitchen for users enjoying the improved quality of life.
JTL is evolving into a R&D oriented innovator. We turn advanced technologies into brilliant consumer experiences, and aim to make kitchen appliances smarter than ever.
We always start a design by carefully attending to details and user experience, JTL offers integrated solutions that oriented toward people's needs and benefits to bring users an efficient and comfortable home life.
JTL has over 20 years of strong manufacturing foundation.
With all solutions provided from previous OEM/ODM experiences, our products cover low-end to high-end and deluxe items that meet various needs in the kitchen appliance market.
-Quality Control
safety and service are JTL's sustainable brand spirit.
We meticulously work on every step of manufacturing process and ensure entire manufacturing and product quality was checked constantly by our QC team.
We believe that our full devotion is the key to achieve the excellence.
1994:Factory was set up by President Mr. Hou.
1996:The first hanging type dish dryer was innovated in Taiwan.
JTL started doing OEM business of dish dryer with Sakura and Rinnai.
1999: Gas stove was added to production lines.
2000: Taiwan JTL was ISO9001 certified.
2002: Range hood was added in production lines.
2003: Water heater was added to production lines.
2004: JTL dish dryer was ranked number one popular brand nationally.
2005: Built-in type dish dryer was added to production lines.
JTL increased sales by 35% and was ranked as the top 5th national brand in kitchen appliances.
2006: JTL headquarter was set up in Taichung Industrial Park where the factory was relocated.
2007: Nationwide distribution was completely expanded including 6 branch office and 3 regional distributors.
2008: Selling channels were increased as national 3rd largest by expanded distribution network of approx. 3,000
2010: Obtained "MIT smile mark quality certification" with all series of kitchen appliances.
2012: Mobile service team was set up and concentrating on after-sales services that providing "three services at one call" safeguarding kitchen appliance safety across brands.
2013: Lunched exquisite built-in appliances to meet various needs targeting to high-end market.
2014: Lunched water purifier with options of cabinet-type and sink-type.
2015:The renewal of the head quarter and factory mounted up the productivity.showroom presents clients the interior design alone with the brand-new products.The Promotion of "Visit the kitchenware factory "encouraged customers to experience the product performance.
2016:Cooperated with Vaillant International Group
in charged of Vaillant product sales in Taiwan.
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Company Core Value

We started our business as a OEM factory, we do OEM and ODM for famous kitchen appliance brand since 1996. We can offer low MOQ OEM/ODM service without expensive mould fee.
R&D Department
JTL is equipped with professional R&D team. We also established sophisticated laboratories since 2014, such as environmental simulation laboratory, gas laboratory and electrical laboratory.
Quality Control
JTL is ISO 9001, NSF and SGS certified. Production of the JTL based on SOP standard process, U-type production line to increase production efficiency to ensure a good working environment.
Custom Service
JTL puts customers at the top of the list and listens to each customer's demand. In recent years, JTL imported the CRM system to track the usage of each customer and provide after-sales service.

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